How to Adjust Settings via the Information Display on Your Nikon D5200

By Julie Adair King

The Information display isn’t just for checking current picture-taking settings; it also gives you quick access to some of the most critical of those settings. The key to this feature is the Information Edit button, found on the back of the camera, to the right of the viewfinder.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Display the Information screen.

    You can get there by pressing the shutter button halfway and releasing it, by pressing the Info button, or by pressing the Info Edit button.

  2. Press the Info Edit button.

    The top part of the display dims, and the two rows of settings at the bottom of the screen become accessible. The currently selected setting appears highlighted, and its name is displayed at the bottom of the screen. For example, in the left screen in this figure, the Image Quality option is selected.


  3. Use the Multi Selector to highlight the setting you want to change.

  4. Press OK.

    You then see a screen that displays the available options for the selected setting, as shown on the right in the figure.

  5. Use the Multi Selector to highlight the desired option and press OK.

    You’re returned to the control strip. You can then adjust another setting if needed.

  6. To exit the control strip, press the Info Edit button again.

    Or just give the shutter button a quick half-press and release it. The Information display returns to its normal appearance.