Exposure Mode Quick Guide for Your Nikon 1 J1/V1 Camera

By Julie Adair King

Part of Nikon 1 J1/V1 For Dummies


Your Nikon 1 offers the following exposure modes, which you select via the Mode dial on the back of the camera. For Still Image mode, you can select from five settings, each of which offers a different level of control over picture-taking options.

Still Image: Choose this mode for normal, still photography. Then display the Shooting menu, select Exposure Mode, and choose from these Still Image modes:

  • Scene Auto Selector: Fully automatic shooting; the camera controls most picture settings for you and automatically selects one of five scene modes: Portrait, Landscape, Night Portrait, Close-up, or Auto (for pictures that don’t fit one of the other four categories).

  • P: Programmed autoexposure; the camera chooses the shutter speed and aperture setting (f-stop), but you can select different combinations of the two settings. Also offers full control over other picture settings.

  • S: Shutter-priority autoexposure; you set shutter speed, and the camera automatically selects the proper aperture setting. Full control over other picture settings.

  • A: Aperture-priority autoexposure; you select the aperture setting, and the camera automatically chooses the correct shutter speed. Full control over other picture settings.

  • M: Manual exposure; you select both the aperture setting and shutter speed. Full control over other picture settings.

Movie: Select this mode to record movies and gain access to recording options on the Shooting menu.

Smart Photo Selector: A special still-photography mode; the camera captures approximately 20 images and then selects the five best for your review.

Motion Snapshot: Records a brief movie clip followed by a still photograph, using one of four music tracks as an audio background.