Customizing the Nikon D5100 Live View Display - dummies

Customizing the Nikon D5100 Live View Display

By Julie Adair King

In many respects, taking a picture in Live View mode with your Nikon 5100 is no different from regular, through-the-viewfinder photography. Because your monitor is now your viewfinder, you’ll need to make a few changes to your display.

Whether you’re shooting movies or still photos, you can choose from the following display styles in Live View mode. Press the Info button to cycle through the different styles.

  • Show Indicators: By default, the display uses this mode. Some symbols, such as those representing flash settings, appear only when you have the feature enabled.


  • Hide Indicators: To unclutter the screen, press the Info button to cycle from the default display to this mode.


    In this display mode, you may see four tiny horizontal markers near the corners of the image display area. They appear to show you how much of the vertical image area will not be included in the recorded movie if you set the movie resolution, or frame size, to a setting that produces a 16:9 frame aspect ratio. (The only setting that doesn’t produce this ratio is 640 x 424, which captures the same aspect ratio as a still photo, 3:2.)

  • Framing Grid: Press Info one more time to display a grid over the image. The grid is helpful when you need to precisely align objects in your photo. To return to the default display, give the Info button one more push.

If you connect your camera to an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) device, you no longer see the live scene on your camera monitor. Instead, the view appears on your video display. In that scenario, the arrangement of the shooting information on the screen may appear slightly different than in these examples. Also note that if you connect the camera to an HDMI-CEC device, you may need to adjust an option on the Setup menu. Select HDMI, press OK, and turn off the Device Control option. Otherwise, you can’t record a movie or take a picture in Live View mode.