Copying Photos between Cards with a Nikon D7000 - dummies

Copying Photos between Cards with a Nikon D7000

By Julie Adair King

When you have two memory cards installed in a Nikon D7000, you can use the Copy Image(s) option on the Playback menu to copy one or more pictures from the card in one slot to the card in the other slot. You might use this feature to create safety backups of your best photos, for example, instead of using the Backup setting for the card in Slot 2, which creates duplicates of every image you take.

To copy images from card to card, follow these steps:

  1. On the Playback menu, choose Copy Image(s) and press OK.


  2. Highlight Select Source and press OK.

  3. Highlight the memory card that contains the pictures you want to copy and press OK.

  4. Highlight Select Image(s) and press OK.

    You then see a screen listing all folders on the selected card. If you haven’t created any custom folders, you see just one folder.


  5. Highlight the folder that contains your pictures and press OK.


  6. Choose an initial picture-selection option.

    Two of the options are pretty clear-cut: Choose Select All Images if you want to copy every picture on the card; choose Select Protected Images to copy just photos that you tagged with the Protect feature.

    The third option, Deselect All, is a little counterintuitive. Here’s the deal: The camera initially assumes that you want to copy every picture on the card, so it tries to help by automatically preselecting all them. You can later deselect the ones you don’t want to copy, but if you’re copying just a few pictures out of a large group, it’s faster to choose Deselect All so that you start out with no pictures selected. Then you don’t have to waste time “untagging” all the ones you don’t want to copy.

  7. Press OK to display thumbnails of your photos.

    Checkmarks appear with any photos currently selected for copying.

  8. Press the ISO button to add or remove a photo from the selection.

  9. After selecting the photos you want to copy, press OK.

  10. Choose Select Destination Folder and press OK.

    You see a screen offering two options: The first, Select Folder by Number, enables you to specify a three-digit folder number. (Press the Multi Selector left or right to highlight a value, and press up or down to change the number.) The second option, Select Folder from List, displays all available folders. After choosing a folder number or folder, press OK.

  11. Choose Copy Image(s)? and press OK.

  12. Highlight Yes and press OK to copy the photos.

A couple fine points:

  • If the destination card doesn’t have enough space for all the selected images, the camera alerts you that all images may not be copied. You can choose to go forward or cancel the operation and install a card that has more free space.

  • If the destination card contains an image that has the same filename as one you select for copying, the camera gives you the option to overwrite the existing file, skip copying that file, or cancel out of the copy operation altogether.

  • When you copy a protected picture, both the copy and the original remain protected.