How to Add a Copyright Notice to Images with the Nikon D5600 - dummies

How to Add a Copyright Notice to Images with the Nikon D5600

By Julie Adair King

The Copyright Information option on the Nikon D5600 camera enables you to tag files with your name and other copyright data. To add a copyright notice, choose Copyright Information from the Setup menu, as shown on the left. You then see the screen shown on the right in the figure. (If you have not yet entered copyright data, the Artist and Copyright lines will appear empty.)

You can tag files with copyright information.

Select Artist to display the keyboard screen and then use the techniques outlined in the preceding section to enter your name. Select Copyright Data to add that information. The Artist field can hold 36 characters; the Copyright field, 54 characters.

After entering your data, select Attach Copyright Information and turn on the check mark in the accompanying box, as shown on the right. To toggle the check mark on and off, press the Multi Selector right or tap the box or the Select icon at the bottom of the screen. Then press the OK button or tap OK Done. Your copyright notice will now be included in the metadata of all future files until you uncheck the Attach Copyright Information box.