How to Use Custom Function 14 on the Canon EOS 77D - dummies

How to Use Custom Function 14 on the Canon EOS 77D

By Julie Adair King

On your Canon EOS 77D camera, you can change the function of the Set button, shutter button, AE Lock button, and the AF-ON button when shooing in the P, Tv, Av, or M exposure modes. Please don’t take advantage of these options, though, until you’re thoroughly familiar with how the camera works using the original function settings.

Navigate to Custom Function 14 in Setup Menu 4. Press the Set button to get started. Then highlight the control you want to customize, as shown on the left in the following figure. The icons are, as you can see, somewhat cryptic, so it’s nice that as you highlight each one, the name of the button appears, along with its default function.

Custom Function 14 enables you to modify the functions of four camera controls.

As you select the different controls, the camera graphic on the left side of the screen highlights the button you’re adjusting. In the figure, for example, the shutter button is lit.

After highlighting a control, tap Set or press the Set button to display the options available for that button. For example, the right side of the figure shows the options available for the shutter button. As you scroll through the choices, the label above the icons shows you what the button will accomplish at that setting. Make your choice and tap Set or press the Set button to return to the initial setup screen. Then press the Menu button or tap menu to exit.