How to Make the Flashing Red AF Points Go Away on Your Canon EOS 80D

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

In dim lighting, the autofocus points that are used to establish focus flash red in the viewfinder of your EOS 80D when you initiate autofocusing. If you find them distracting, you can turn them off; if you instead want them to appear even in bright light, you can make it so. The control that adjusts this behavior is VF Display Illumination, which is Custom Function 15 in the Autofocus section. You get three choices:

  • 0: Auto: This is the default; the focus points flash red only in dim lighting.
  • 1: Enable: Here’s the option to select if you always want to see the focus points flash red.
  • 2: Disable: Okay, you’ve probably figured this one out already. But do note that even if you choose Off, you still see the red AF points light up when you’re using an AF Area mode that enables you to select a specific point or zone. Otherwise you wouldn’t know what AF point you were selecting.
Autofocus menu
This option determines whether the focus points flash red in the viewfinder when you autofocus.