How to Make Selections with the Canon EOS 60D Quick Control Dial - dummies

How to Make Selections with the Canon EOS 60D Quick Control Dial

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

The Quick Control screen is a sort of one-stop shopping locale that displays your Canon EOS 60D’s shooting settings and enables you to modify them with a minimum of button presses and dial movements. Although it might look complicated, the Quick Control screen shows you what’s practically necessary at the time.

The real power of the Quick Control screen is that it makes it easy for you to quickly control the camera.

The Quick Control dial is a great way to make fast selections, whether you’re working with the Quick Control Settings screen or the camera’s menu system. It’s a versatile tool. Here are some of the things it does:

  • Basic Zone modes: The Quick Control dial does nothing without first pressing Q (lower left) and then using the multicontroller to select an option. At that point, you can scroll through the available settings with the Quick Control dial.

  • Creative Zone modes: When in a Creative Zone mode and the Shooting Settings screen is shown, the Quick Control dial automatically changes exposure compensation in P, Tv, and Av modes. In M mode, using the Quick Control dial changes the f-stop.

    Otherwise, the Quick Control dial makes setting changes when you press Q a second time to enter edit mode. Then, use the multicontroller to select a setting (for example, ISO), and use the Quick Control dial to scroll through options.

  • Playback: When playing back photos, the Quick Control dial moves one photo forward or reverse, depending on the direction you turn the dial.

  • Menus: When in the menu system, the Quick Control dial scrolls up and down individual menu items. The multicontroller (or Main dial) moves you from tab to tab.

When in doubt, remember that the Quick Control dial is a fast way to scroll through options or photos.