How to Create Video Snapshots on the Rebel t5i - dummies

How to Create Video Snapshots on the Rebel t5i

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

The video snapshot feature on the Canon Rebel t5i enables you to capture short video clips that you stitch into a single recording, called a video album. A few pertinent facts before you begin with the following steps:

Each clip can be no more than 8 seconds long. You also can record 2- and 4-second clips.

All clips in an album must be the same length.

Because of the recording-time limitation, other features of your camera may seem more engaging, so the following steps only show you how to create your first album. If you’re interested, the camera manual explains how you can edit albums.

1Set the On/Off switch to Movie mode.

This enables you to shoot movies.

2Display Movie Menu 2 and choose Video Snapshot.

The option is disabled by default.

3Set the Video Snapshot option to Enable and choose Album Settings.

Specify whether you want to create a new album or add the next clip you record to an existing album.

4Choose Create a New Album.

This screen allows you to choose your snapshot length.

5Choose Snapshot Length. You can set the snapshot length to 2, 4 (the default), or 8 seconds and tap Set or press the Set button.

You see a confirmation screen.

6Tap OK or highlight the OK icon and press Set.

You’re returned to the Video Snapshot setup screen.

7Tap the Menu icon or press the Menu button to return to Shooting Menu 2.

This will return you to Shooting Menu 2.

8Return to shooting mode by pressing the shutter button halfway and releasing it.

You see a blue progress bar across the bottom of the screen.

9Press the Live View button to start the recording.

The progress bar shrinks as the camera ticks off the seconds of your recording. When you reach the maximum clip length, recording stops automatically. The monitor temporarily shuts off, and then you see the last frame of the clip along with options.

10Tell the camera what to do with the clip.

Your choices:

Add the snapshot to your new album.

Play the clip.

Delete the clip.

To choose an option, tap its icon or use the cross keys to highlight the icon and press Set. If you play the clip, control playback by using the “buttons.” Either tap a control icon or use the cross keys to highlight it and press Set. Rotate the Main dial to adjust playback volume. Press the Menu button or tap the Menu icon.

11After saving your first clip, press the Live View button to record a second one. When your second clip is recorded, choose one of the options.

This time, you get the same three options described in Step 11. But you also can create a new album for this clip.

12To stop capturing snapshots, return to Movie Menu 2 and set the Video Snapshot option to Disable.

You can then shoot regular movies again.

You also can use the Quick Control screen to enable and disable Video Snapshot recording. Tap or highlight the icon and then tap the Off icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the neighboring icon to enable the feature using the snapshot length that’s currently selected via Movie Menu 2. (You can’t adjust the snapshot length using the Quick Control options.)

Just a few notes about recording video snapshots:

Sound recording: By default, audio is recorded; you can control audio recording through the Sound Recording option on Movie Menu 2, just as for regular movies.

Movie Recording Size: All clips in an album must use the same Movie Recording Size option (adjusted via Movie Menu 2). If you change the setting, the camera automatically creates a new album for your next snapshot.

Autofocusing: Your options are the same as for normal movie recording.

Grid Display and Metering Timer options (Movie Menu 2): Similarly, these options are available, as they are for normal movie recording, if the Mode dial is set to P, Tv, Av, or M.

Normal playback: To play a video snapshot after you exit the creation process, use the normal movie-playback steps.