How to Change Audio Recording Options on Your Canon EOS 7D Mark II - dummies

How to Change Audio Recording Options on Your Canon EOS 7D Mark II

By Doug Sahlin

When you record video with your EOS 7D Mark II, you record audio as well. You can change the record level, disable audio, and enable a wind filter and a sound attenuator. And you thought those little holes in the front of the camera were just a dinky microphone. To beef up the audio in your movies:

  1. Flip the Live View/Movie Shooting switch to the left.

    You can change video menu options only when video recording is enabled.

  2. Press the Menu button.

    The menu appears.

  3. Use the Quick Control button to navigate to the Shoot tab and then use the multi-controller button to navigate to the Shoot4 menu.

  4. Use the Quick Control dial to navigate to Sound Recording and then press Set.

    The Sound Recording options appear.


  5. Use the multi-controller button or Quick Control dial to highlight Manual and then press Set.

    The Manual recording menu appears. This menu gives you a right and left meter, which you use to accurately set the recording level. The meters record the highest decibel rating and hold it for three seconds.

  6. While looking at the peak-level meter, rotate the Main dial until the loudest sound recorded is –12 on the scale.

    If the sound exceeds 0, the sound will be clipped (distorted).

  7. Press Menu to apply the changes.

    The recording level is optimum for the scene you are recording. You’ll have to reset the levels when you record a scene in a louder or quieter environment.

You can also enable a wind filter, which will eliminate some wind noise when you’re recording video in windy conditions, and a sound attenuator, which is useful for suppressing loud sounds when recording.