Creating a Makeshift Tripod for Your Canon EOS 7D Mark II - dummies

Creating a Makeshift Tripod for Your Canon EOS 7D Mark II

By Doug Sahlin

Part of Canon EOS 7D Mark II For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your Canon EOS 7D Mark II can capture images in very low-light conditions. However, at times, you absolutely can’t do without a tripod. But what do you do when you’ve left home without one? Here are some ways you can steady your camera without a tripod:

  • Switch to Live View mode and place the camera near the edge of a table. If you can see the tabletop in the viewfinder or LCD monitor, move the camera closer to the edge.

  • Hold the camera against a wall. Use this technique when you rotate the camera 90 degrees (also known as Portrait mode).

  • Lean against a wall and spread your legs slightly. This is known as the human tripod. Press the shutter button gently when you exhale.

  • Use a small beanbag to steady the camera. You can just throw the beanbag in your camera bag; it doesn’t take up much space. Place your camera on the beanbag and move it to achieve the desired composition. You can purchase beanbags at your local camera store.

    As an alternative to the bean bag, you can carry a baggie filled with uncooked rice (cooked rice is messy and will spoil) in your camera bag. Place your camera on the bag and move it until you achieve the desired composition.

In addition to using one of these techniques, use the 2-Second Self-Timer. This gives the camera a chance to stabilize from any vibration that occurs when you press the shutter button. These techniques are also great when you’re on vacation and don’t have the room to carry a tripod in your baggage.