Information for Your Ferret Sitter - dummies

Information for Your Ferret Sitter

By Kim Schilling, Susan A. Brown

Part of Ferrets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you leave your ferret in the capable hands of a pet sitter or you use a boarding facility, this list explains the information you need to provide for your ferret’s caregiver:

  • The phone number where you can be reached and the name of the people you’re staying with.

  • An emergency phone number (or two) of someone close to home, such as a friend or relative.

  • Your veterinarian’s phone number and address.

  • The emergency clinic’s phone number and address.

  • A supply of necessary medication and instructions on how to medicate your ferret.

  • Written description of each ferret and each ferret’s personality (attach a photo next to each description to be extra helpful).

  • A list of do’s and don’ts.

  • An adequate supply of food.

  • Written instructions on feeding.

  • Instructions on how to clean up after your ferrets, supervise safe playtime, and watch for signs of illness or injury.