Ferrets For Dummies, 2nd Edition
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When choosing a ferret as a pet, it's very important to find a healthy and happy one to bring into your home. This list shows you things to look for when shopping for your new fuzzy family member:
  • Fur is soft and shiny, and there are no patches of missing fur.

  • Eyes are clear and bright.

  • Eyes, ears, and nose free from any discharge.

  • Underside of the ferret is clean and healthy looking and has no signs of diarrhea or bloating.

  • The ferret is inquisitive when you approach and may be jumpy and playful. He does not cower orrun to a hiding place.

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Kim Schilling is the founder of Animals for Awareness, a non-profit USDA licensed sanctuary dedicated to the needs of exotic and wild animals. When she discovered domesticated ferrets some 30 years ago, she never looked back. Kim wrote both previous editions of this book and has shared her home with as many as 20 ferrets at once.

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