Training Your Puppy Not to Jump on People - dummies

Training Your Puppy Not to Jump on People

You can train your puppy to not jump on people as they enter your home. (Otherwise, they’ll be wondering why you didn’t correct your dog’s behavior before he made a habit of greeting people with barks and leaps.)

Here are some ways to combat the problem:

  • Put your dog on her leash and have someone ring the doorbell 10 times at 20-second intervals. Tell the person ringing to come through another door when he’s done. Each time the bell rings, call your dog’s name and walk away from the door. Practice these setups twice a day until your dog tones down her reaction.
  • If your dog is a real maniac, discreetly spray Binaca Breath Spray in front of her nose as you say “Shhh.”
  • Secure a four-foot lead to your puppy’s collar. Tie a knot in the lead 4 inches past where the lead passes your dog’s toe. Before you open the door, step on the knot. Your puppy will still jump, but this rig forces him down. Encourage attention only when your puppy is calm.
  • Designate an area by the door to send your pup when company arrives. Secure a leash to the area and place a favorite ball or toy there. When the bell rings, station/secure your puppy as you instruct “Go to your place.” Then answer the door. Instruct your visitors to ignore the puppy while greeting you. Wait until your puppy is calm to introduce her, even if it takes an hour.
  • If your dog’s a real tennis ball fanatic (or any other toy), withhold that toy until you have company arriving. Each time you enter your home or company arrives, say “Get your toy” as you toss the favorite toy on the floor. Spritz your dog if he jumps and continue to ignore him until he settles down.