Using to Solve Common Money Woes - dummies

Using to Solve Common Money Woes

Part of For Dummies Cheat Sheet helps deal with specific financial problems that happaen for most people at some point. Here are some common financial problems and the feature that’s designed to help you tackle the problem.

  • Too much debt: The Goals tab contains a Get Out of Debt feature that helps you design a debt-reduction plan.

  • Confused where money is going: The Trends tab helps you see the categories in which you’re spending the most and spot areas that are getting out of control.

  • Not saving enough: The Budgets tab helps you set a limit on specific categories and lets you know if you’re at risk of exceeding those limits.

  • Investment portfolio too risky: The Allocation tab, which is on the Investments tab, shows you if you’ve spread your money over different types of investments. Spreading your investments around, or diversification, can help protect your portfolio from downside pain.

  • Not getting enough out of banking relationships: The Ways to Save tab helps you find credit cards, savings accounts, or other financial accounts that will help save you money.