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Ask Your Crowdfund Investors for Marketing Support

By Sherwood Neiss, Jason W. Best, Zak Cassady-Dorion

How can your crowdfund investors help you market your brand in your community? Be strategic as you review your list of investors and their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. This step is important so you know all the potential strengths and opportunities that your investors may bring to help you build your brand.

Are there a handful of your investors who could become your “brand evangelists”? These are people who love your brand and your company so much they can’t stop talking about it. Likely, you’ll find only a few of these among your supporters, so think about how to use them wisely. For example,

  • Could they be interviewed by the press regarding an issue related to your brand?

  • Do they use social media, and would they like to share information about your brand via those channels?

  • How can you direct these investors in ways that reinforce their connection with your brand and drive awareness and sales?

The majority of your investors won’t be your evangelists. For them, you may want simply to suggest ways to mention your brand at appropriate times in conversational ways. Maybe they’d be willing to forward, repost, or retweet articles about your industry that mention your brand.

Start small. Select five to ten of your investors who are rabid social media users. Try to engage them more deeply in your brand, reminding them of why your brand is relevant to them so they can help you drive awareness and sales. Then, after the first group is onboard and helping you with marketing efforts, select another group of five or ten people and take the same steps.