How to Have Fun without Spending Money - dummies

How to Have Fun without Spending Money

You can still have fun and keep within your budget — you just need to have some free fun! Look for fun activities that cost you nothing (or next to nothing):

  • Find fun in community resources. Before you plunk down your hard-earned money to join a gym or for various types of entertainment and activities, consider what your community has to offer — usually at little or no cost.

    • Community swimming pools

    • Gymnasium or exercise classes

    • Community center

    • Local parks or jogging trails

    • County libraries

    • Museums and galleries

    • Concerts

    • Festivals

  • Have fun in your own backyard and beyond: These activities are fun and cost next to nothing.

    • A meaningful field trip can be simple, like taking a leisurely walk down a local nature trail and watching a pair of red squirrels do aerial acrobatics. Even camping in your own backyard can be an adventure of sorts.

    • Board or card games can be enjoyed whenever you want some inexpensive entertainment and time together with friends or family.

      If you don’t have a closet full of board games, you can acquire them inexpensively at garage sales and thrift stores. If someone asks what to get you for a gift at the holidays, suggest a board game.

  • Plan a movie night. Going out to a movie can be real treat — but, given the price of tickets nowadays, even matinees can break the bank. You don’t have to forego the enjoyment of watching films. Rent a video, pop some corn, and have a movie night.

    Check out libraries, where you can often borrow movies for free. If you have cable television, you can record movies shown early in the week to watch on the weekends.