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Code Valley: Find Your Coder

By Tiana Laurence

Code Valley takes the traditional model for developing code and turns it on its head. It describes itself as a “World Compiler.” Code Valley provides developers with a marketplace tool to build software in collaboration with other developers via what Code Valley calls “agents.”

Each agent within the system returns a fragment of code for the client’s project. Code Valley also creates an open marketplace for entrepreneurs.

In Code Valley, clients, have access to a global network of developers who are willing and able to build software for them. Code Valley works similar to how online freelancer websites like Upwork operate. Developers in this system win opportunities to build software from the clients. The clients must, in turn, carefully select who can work on their projects.

Code Valley also works a little like a data access object (DAO) in that when a new project is created, it triggers the formation of a hidden and hivelike software compiler. The client’s application is built collaboratively with the compiler by many different agents. Code Valley is industrializing software creation with blockchain technology.