Bitfury's Digital Assets - dummies

Bitfury’s Digital Assets

By Tiana Laurence

The Bitfury Group started out as a Bitcoin mining company, but it has transitioned into a full-service blockchain technology company. Bitfury develops software and creates hardware solutions for businesses and governments to move asset across the blockchains.

Bitfury is completely dedicated to the improvement of Bitcoin’s blockchain ecosystem. Its technology helps in the efficient management of digital assets. It offers added security to private and public blockchain transactions using hardware and software solutions.

Bitfury processes private and public blockchain transactions. It also helps clients with blockchain analytics. Bitfury utilizes the immutable and always publicly viewable history of Bitcoin transactions and conducts advanced data analytics for transaction histories. Governments have used this type of work to track criminal activities across the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitfury is also involved in the development of the Lightning Network. Lightning is an overlay network to Bitcoin’s blockchain, enabling instantaneous micro transactions.

Bitfury is also working on a property rights registry. The Republic of Georgia has partnered with Bitfury to register land titles. The record of ownership is recorded in a blockchain to secure the history in an unalterable state. The safe transfer of property would be economically beneficial in the developing world.