Anonymous Transactions on Dash - dummies

Anonymous Transactions on Dash

By Tiana Laurence

Dash is the first cryptocurrency modeled after Bitcoin. The developers of Dash wanted to add more privacy to their transactions. (On the Bitcoin network, anyone can review your transaction history.) So, Dash allows you to keep your funds and financial transactions private. It does this through a mixing protocol, which anonymizes transactions by mixing transactions of several parties, merging their funds together in a way where they can’t be uncoupled. This is done through a decentralized network of servers called masternodes.

Dash plans to be the first protection-driven cryptographic cash with fully encoded exchanges and private block transactions. Dash debit cards can be utilized at any ATM around the world or in stores. They can also be designated into various monetary standards, such as dollars, euros, or pounds.

Dash has the following features:

  • Privacy: It keeps all your payments, transactions, and balances private so that nobody can track you.
  • Speed: It uses InstantX technology with a masternode network to complete transactions within seconds.
  • Security: Advanced encryption and trusted protocols make the system safe.
  • Global reach: Darksend makes it a comprehensive system that enables you to send money worldwide quickly and anonymously.
  • Low fees: The money transfer transactions cost only a few cents.

Dash also offers two wallets — an online version and one you can download to your computer.