Asking Key Questions in Portuguese - dummies

Asking Key Questions in Portuguese

By Karen Keller

Part of Portuguese For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Even if you’re not a reporter, you need to know how to say who, what, when, where, why, and how in Portuguese — and if you’re a tourist in Portugal or Brazil, knowing how to say how much can come in very handy. Many basic questions can be asked using just one word in Portuguese:

  • Quem? (kang?) (Who?)

  • Quando? (kwahn-doo?) (When?)

  • Onde? (ohn-jee?) (Where?)

  • Por quê? (poh keh?) (Why?)

  • Como? (koh-moo?) (How?)

  • O que? (ooh kee?) (What?)

  • Qual? (kwah-ooh?) (Which?)

  • Quanto? (kwahn-too?) (How much?)