The German Calendar - dummies

By Paulina Christensen, Anne Fox, Wendy Foster

Part of German For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Getting to know the days and months of the German calendar helps you keep track of your travel plans, German holidays, and engagements.

Days of the Week in German
English German Pronunciaton
Monday Montag mohn-tahk
Tuesday Dienstag deens-tahk
Wednesday Mittwoch mit-voH
Thursday Donnerstag don-ers-tahk
Friday Freitag fray-tahk
Saturday Samstag / Sonnabend zâms-tahk / zon-ah-bent)
Sunday Sonntag zon-tahk
Months of the Year in German
English German Pronunciation
January Januar -noo-ahr
February Februar fey-broo-ahr
March März mêrts
April April ah-pril
May Mai may
June Juni yooh-nee
July Juli yooh-lee
August August ou-goost
September September zêp-têm-ber
October Oktober ok-toh-ber
November November no-vêm-ber
December Dezember dey-tsêm-ber