How to Ask for Dessert in American Sign Language - dummies

How to Ask for Dessert in American Sign Language

By Adan R. Penilla, II, Angela Lee Taylor

Who doesn’t love dessert? These signs can get you that cake or cookies you want. Or you can show these signs to your baby or toddler because both are common desserts for them, at home and at parties:

  • Cake: Make an ASL letter C with one hand Rest the pinkie of your C hand on your opposite hand, which is flat out and palm up. Move your C hand across the flat hand in the shape of an X as if cutting a slice of cake.


  • Cookie: Hold out one hand, palm open and facing up. (This hand is mimicking rolled-out cookie dough.) Form a C hand shape with your other hand. (This hand is mimicking a cookie cutter.) Lower your C hand, fingers and thumb pointing down, onto the palm of your opposite hand and then twist, raise, and lower your C hand again.


    Think in terms of using a cookie cutter to cut out cookie shapes.