Tips for Quick and Efficient Cleaning - dummies

Tips for Quick and Efficient Cleaning

By Gill Chilton

Part of Cleaning & Stain Removal For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

These tips aren’t rocket science, but certain house-cleaning techniques enable you to clean faster and more efficiently, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your clean and tidy home:

  • Start at the far side of the room when you do the floors so that you don’t walk back into the clean or wet area.

  • Use a handled tray when you dust shelves. Off-load the shelf’s contents onto the tray while you clean the shelf.

  • Wash walls from top to bottom so that you can wipe away drips as you go.

  • Use long, firm, directional strokes when you sweep or scrub, resisting the urge to rub quickly back and forth, which can rub dirt back in.

  • Make your duster or cloth into a small pad and keep turning it over so that you always present a clean section to the furniture.