Six Simple Steps for Treating Fresh Stains - dummies

Six Simple Steps for Treating Fresh Stains

By Gill Chilton

Part of Cleaning & Stain Removal For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

If you can react right away to a spillage, you increase the odds of being able to remove all traces of the potential stain. Follow these steps in dealing with any fresh stain:

  1. Limit the damage.

    Blot up as much as you can with a plain white – not coloured – paper or cloth towel. Use a clean make-up brush to shift powders.

  2. Use a spoon and/or knife to lift off solids.

  3. Stop and think! Identify the stain and its stain group – water-based, grease-based, and so on.

    Read the care label, if there is one, so that you know what this fabric can happily withstand.

  4. Unlock the stain by turning it into a liquid.

    Cold water, the simplest solvent, works in many situations.

  5. Work from the inside out if you can.

    It’s far simpler to push the liquid back out the way it came, and doing so stops the stain from going right through the fabric on its journey out. (Clearly you can’t do this with fitted carpets).

  6. Be ready to repeat everything, perhaps several times.