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Yale and Home Automation Security

By Dwight Spivey

As one of the oldest and most trusted brands of locks in the world, it’s only natural that Yale would join the fray with its own line of smart locks. The Yale Real Living line of products is designed to work with your current home automation setup.

Yale offers touchscreen and push-button varieties of deadbolt locks, including both keyed and keyless types, that work with your existing (or soon-to-be-installed) Z-Wave or ZigBee-compatible home automation system. Offering both Z-Wave and ZigBee options is a good move by Yale.

The Touchscreen Lever Lock offers the convenience of keyless entry, the functionality of a lever lock, and remote control through your home automation system.

[Credit: Image courtesy of Yale Security, Inc.]
Credit: Image courtesy of Yale Security, Inc.

Yale partners with several of the most popular home automation companies. If you have a system from one of these companies, chances are your Yale smart lock will work with it:

  • Alarm.com

  • Control4

  • ELK Products

  • HomeSeer

  • Honeywell

  • Vera

Although they aren’t listed on Yale’s website, other Z-Wave- and ZigBee-compatible home automation systems will work with the Yale Real Living locks. Still, speak to someone at Yale or the manufacturer of your system to find out more before you invest in a Yale product.

Check out the Yale Real Living lineup of locks (there are several models, each with various styles to suit your home’s needs) by clicking the Yale Real Living link on the left side of the browser window. While Yale’s site isn’t as fancy-shmancy as some of the others available, it does what it should: gives you the facts about each product in the Yale Real Living lineup.