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What is the Google Smart Home Platform?

By Chris Pichereau, Abshier House

The Google Smart Home Platform, a component of Google’s “Internet of Things,” provides a technological platform where all of your home appliances, electronics, and even vehicles are managed over one framework.

Welcome to the “Internet of Things.” [Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/Weedezign]
Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/Weedezign
Welcome to the “Internet of Things.”

Google’s Smart Home Platform brings together a set of technologies that more easily enables the management of the home environment over a mobile device. This tight network includes the following primary technologies and their roles:

  • Brillo allows for all devices to connect together using Bluetooth and/or a Wi-Fi adapter and pairs with Nest, Android M, and Chrome.

  • Weave is an open-source language that all connected devices (including smartphones) use in order to communicate amongst themselves.

The benefits of an interconnected smart home go beyond opening your garage door two minutes before arriving home or locking and unlocking the doors to your house without being there.

Through Google’s acquisition of Nest for 3.2 billion dollars, you can save money on your heating and air conditioning bill, in addition to consuming less energy. Your Nest enabled thermostat collects data on your habits and automatically uses that data to make changes in the temperature of your home.

With costs still in the $10,000 range to implement a fully functioning smart home, whole home energy management costs more and only provides minimal gains at this point. Purchasing a single temperature control application from between $250 to $400 currently remains the most viable smart home segment investment.