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The Convenience of Home Automation

By Dwight Spivey

Convenience is indeed the key for home automation; otherwise, what’s truly the point? The words “home” and “automation” fit together perfectly to describe how to get things done easier, better, and faster than ever before, which equates to convenience.

Want a few examples of how today’s home automation is convenient? Okay, here you go:

  • Your teenage son calls from a friend’s cellphone and tells you he’s locked his keys and everything else he owns in the car you let him borrow. This kid is 30 minutes away — not good. Suddenly, you remember you had installed a device in your car that enables you to unlock it (and even start it) from a million miles away with your smartphone. A few taps and swipes on your phone, and your son is back in the car. Convenience.

  • The lawn needs mowing before company arrives this weekend, but you’ve been in meetings all week on the other side of the country, and now you’re stuck in the airport. Whip out your Android phone, open your robotic lawn mower’s app, and tell it to get to work. The lawn’s done before your plane even lands. Convenience.

  • You and the family are singing “Let It Go” of Frozen fame for the 100th time on your road trip to Disney World when it dawns on you (three hours away from home) that you left the lights on and an electric heater running in the bathroom. You calmly fire up your iOS tablet, open the app for your home automation system, and turn off the lights and the outlet the heater is plugged in to. Convenience.

Here are a few other things you can do conveniently from anywhere with today’s home automation:

  • Adjust your home’s thermostat.

  • Control your sprinkler system.

  • Preheat your oven from anywhere, with an app like GE’s Brillion (along with supported appliances, of course).

  • Unlock or lock your front door.

  • Raise or lower the window shades.

  • Change the schedule of your coffee pot.

  • Initiate a washing or drying cycle.

  • Clean your aquarium.

  • Control how much television your kids watch.

  • Keep tabs on how much electricity you’re using.

  • Be alerted to a water leak in your bathroom.

  • Find out if someone enters your home unannounced.

  • Clean your cat’s kitty litter.

    [Credit: Image courtesy of General Electric. ]
    Credit: Image courtesy of General Electric.

Remotely controlled home automation affords a level of convenience that most people have not yet experienced. And that list just scratches the surface!