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The Automation of Daily Chores

By Dwight Spivey

Automating typical household chores is the beginning of people truly stepping into the future that everyone dreamed about as kids. George Jetson and family can’t be more than a couple of generations away. Following are the benefits of automating your daily chores and which ones can be automated today.

The benefits of automating chores

Please bear with the more obvious points in this list:

  • The job gets done, even if you don’t feel like it because of illness, your crazy-busy schedule, or what-have-you.

  • Saving time is certainly a huge benefit, and may be the top “duh” comment in this short list. There are simply too many ways in which these devices can save you time to mention here.

  • People who have a disability can use automated cleaning devices to clean their homes with little effort on their part. They’ll also save money by not having to employ other folks to do the jobs for them.

Automating cleaning chores

Myriad cleaning chores can be automated these days. The following list is a good one, but by no means is it an exhaustive one:

  • Dust mopping

  • Damp mopping

  • Vacuuming

  • Floor scrubbing

  • Cleaning your grill

  • Removing muck from your aquarium

Understanding how it all works

Unfortunately, most of the automated home cleaning products don’t allow for control via smartphones, tablets, or computers. The majority of them are devices that you set into motion and they complete tasks for you. While this isn’t the ultimate ideal, it’s certainly better in many respects than doing it all yourself. The technology behind each device basically includes some sort of wheels or treads for locomotion, sensors to prevent bumping into things, and some form of cleaning apparatus (sucking, scrubbing, wiping, and so forth).

Keep in mind that nothing replaces good old-fashioned elbow grease. Still, you may find that you tackle cleaning chores more often if all you have to do is push a button!