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RoboSnail Automates Aquarium Cleaning

By Dwight Spivey

RoboSnail cleans not your floors or even your grill, but your aquarium. The device is the world’s first automatic cleaning tool for aquariums, taking on the daily mission of scouring the glass in your aquarium to keep it free from algae buildup.

[Credit: Image courtesy of AquaGenesis International, Inc.]
Credit: Image courtesy of AquaGenesis International, Inc.

RoboSnail consists of two moving parts that work in tandem to keep algae from overtaking the denizens of your aquarium. The first is the RoboSnail apparatus itself, which attaches to the outside (dry side) of your aquarium. This apparatus is what actually drives the whole show.

The second part of the RoboSnail partnership is the Sweeper unit, which attaches to the inside (wet side) of the aquarium’s glass. The two units are held together through the glass by a very strong magnet. No worries about the magnet affecting your fish, though, unless they happen to be alien robots that are using your aquarium as a launching pad for their invasion of Earth, in which case it’s a bonus.

RoboSnail cleans your glass on a daily schedule, so it will need periodic maintenance to keep up the pace. However, the maintenance is a small price to pay when compared to the time and expense of cleaning the algae out of your aquarium once it’s built up on the glass. That’s a nasty job that all aquarium hobbyists loathe. Rejoice, people: RoboSnail is here to save the day!