RoboMop's Automated Mopping - dummies

RoboMop’s Automated Mopping

By Dwight Spivey

RoboMop is a decidedly low-tech automated home cleaning solution. RoboMop has one function in life: to keep your hard floor surfaces clean from dust and small debris. But that’s not the low-tech part. You’ll have to get a load of RoboMop’s ultra-simplistic design to appreciate just how low-tech.


RoboMop isn’t designed to look cool or feel like it will last for decades. It’s made for chasing those rabid dust bunnies while remaining extremely affordable. RoboMop uses a robotic ball placed inside a plastic frame that holds a cleaning pad. Here are the steps to follow to get RoboMop embarking on its dust-bunny sentry duty:

  1. Charge the ball for three hours.

  2. Secure the cleaning pad to the bottom of the plastic frame and place it on the floor.

  3. Use the ball’s built-in timer to select how long you want RoboMop to clean.

  4. Place the ball in the top opening of the frame, and away it goes.

    RoboMop will run for the selected amount of time, hopefully having completely eradicated your dust bunny problem.

In spite of how neat an idea and inexpensive RoboMop is, it isn’t just something for which you can run down to the local store and grab off the shelf. However, you can order RoboMop through several online retailers, including Amazon. You can also view a short video about how to use RoboMop at the company’s website.

And just in case you’re wondering, no, the RoboMop is not accompanied by an iOS or Android app.