Piper Home Automation Security Products - dummies

Piper Home Automation Security Products

By Dwight Spivey

Piper is an elegant home security solution for today’s smart home. It’s loaded to the gills with home security features that you’ll be surprised to find in one small device, which is shown hanging out on a shelf here.

[Credit: Image courtesy of Icontrol Networks.]
Credit: Image courtesy of Icontrol Networks.

Piper is a stand-alone unit that works with your Wi-Fi network and your smartphone or tablet to keep things under control at home. Some of the built-in features include:

  • Receive notifications in one of four ways (or any combination of them):

    • Email

    • Push notifications to your smartphone or tablet

    • Phone call

    • Text message

  • Use the built-in camera to keep watch over an entire room (depending on placement), with a 180-degree field of view.

  • See HD-quality video, live or recorded.

  • Use the built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication.

  • Scare the proverbial pants off any intruders (or your teenager sneaking in after curfew) with the built-in siren that goes off upon motion being detected.

  • A multicolored LED lets you get a quick glance at Piper’s status.

  • Piper’s functionality can be easily upgraded by adding new Z-Wave devices to your network. Piper supports a number of different device types:

    • Smart switches

    • Door and window sensors

    • Smart dimmers

  • Keep track of what’s going on in your home with the Piper app. Piper works with both iOS and Android smart devices, so you won’t need to worry about compatibility.

    [Credit: Image courtesy of Icontrol Networks.]
    Credit: Image courtesy of Icontrol Networks.

One of the best features about Piper: no monthly fees. Ever. Gotta love that!

Piper is affordable, too, so you may want multiple Pipers for your home.