LG's Automated Laundry - dummies

By Dwight Spivey

Most everyone recognizes LG, a company that has its proverbial fingers in all the technology pots, from cellphones to refrigerators. Take a quick look at how LG can help you do your laundry.

LG’s line of Smart ThinQ appliances brings the Internet into devices that at one time had no interaction with anything or anyone unless he was standing directly in front of the unit. However, Smart ThinQ appliances, which run the gamut from refrigerators to ranges to laundry devices, can use the Internet to update their software and to allow communication with their owners. Smart ThinQ technology allows the following interactions:

  • Your washer and dryer can download new and improved wash and dry cycles from LG, as well as any other software updates, through your home’s Wi-Fi. And did I mention for free?

  • The washer and dryer can notify you when cycles begin, finish, or are interrupted.

  • The LG Smart Laundry app allows you to monitor and control washer and dryer cycles no matter where you are. You can also use it to download the aforementioned wash and dry cycles and software updates.

    [Credit: Image courtesy of LG Electronics.]
    Credit: Image courtesy of LG Electronics.

For more information on LG’s line of Smart ThinQ washers and dryers, visit LG’s website.