Kitchen Automation with LG - dummies

By Dwight Spivey

LG wants to occupy your kitchen. The company applied Smart ThinQ technology to a refrigerator and an oven, bringing those appliances to life for you and your family.

Smart ThinQ helps you connect with your refrigerator and oven via your Wi-Fi network and the Internet. No matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection you can control your appliance from your smartphone or tablet, and you will receive alerts about those smart devices, too.

Smart ThinQ Refrigerator

The Smart ThinQ Refrigerator connects to your home’s Wi-Fi so that it can communicate with you wherever inside or outside the home you may be. There are several reasons to call this refrigerator “smart”:

  • Keep track of what food is in your refrigerator, using the built-in touchscreen display or the Smart Access app on your smart device.

  • Be alerted to food expiration dates on your smart device or from the touchscreen.

  • Use the touchscreen to create a shopping list, which is sent to your smartphone or tablet for convenience.

  • Discover new Food Channel recipes based on what ingredients your refrigerator knows it already contains.

  • Send your chosen recipe to your Smart ThinQ Range so that it can begin heating up for action.

  • Customize the touchscreen by uploading favorite pictures to it.

  • Check the weather using the weather app on the touchscreen, or check your schedule using the calendar feature. Neither of these features sells the refrigerator. You can already do this with your smart device or computer anyway. If these two items are what tilts you in favor of the Smart ThinQ, there are other technology issues you need to resolve before you start thinking about a smart refrigerator.

    [Credit: Image courtesy of LG Electronics.]
    Credit: Image courtesy of LG Electronics.

Smart ThinQ Range

You’ve got that shiny new Smart ThinQ Refrigerator sitting over there full of food; now you need something equally as smart to cook that food, right?

LG’s Smart ThinQ Range makes the perfect companion to the refrigerator. The Smart ThinQ devices really do work with one another, making things that much more convenient.

LG has packed this range with the great cooking technology you would expect from a high-end device:

  • Faster cooking times

  • A huge 6.3 cubic feet capacity

  • Convection heating

  • Infrared grilling

  • An element dedicated to fast boiling times

    [Credit: Image courtesy of LG Electronics.]
    Credit: Image courtesy of LG Electronics.

What really makes this a smart range, though, is its capability to connect to you, and you to it, through your home’s Wi-Fi and the Internet. You can use the Smart Access Range app to:

  • Set cooking times and temps.

  • Check on your food as it cooks.

  • See when the oven is in use.

  • Make sure everything is off.

  • Receive recipes from the Smart ThinQ Refrigerator or from the Smart Access app on your iOS or Android smart device so that it can heat the oven and set cooking time automatically.