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10 Professionally Installed Home Automation Systems

By Dwight Spivey

Some folks who have the coin and “just want the whole thing done” may prefer to opt for a professionally installed home automation system. Many companies out there claim to be the best in the biz, but these are the ten best (in no particular order, mind you), should you be in the market and decide that doing the installation yourself just ain’t for you. And there’s nothing wrong with that, by the way.


Did you know that Honeywell not only offers DIY home automation devices, but it can do the whole home for you, if you like? Check out Honeywell’s whole-house home automation solution if this interests you. Honeywell’s network of dealers is vast, so chances are good you’ll find one in your neck of the woods.


Vivint is a relatively recent addition to the whole-house home automation field, but it has made quite a splash since its founding in 1999. Formerly known as APX Alarm, Vivint (which means “living intelligently”) offers packages for home automation, home security, and home energy management. Its network of dealers will be able to put a complete package together for you and your home.


Frontpoint markets itself as a top-flight home security company, which it certainly is. However, it also offers a pretty competitive whole-house home automation system that you need to check out. From cameras to sensors to 24/7 monitoring, Frontpoint has you covered.


AMX has an automation presence that is felt in every market: business, government, and of course, residential. These folks are top-notch, and their systems are entirely customized to fit your home’s needs. Make no mistake: AMX can automate whatever you need it to, and it doesn’t cut corners. Its website even touts television show The X Factor’s Simon Cowell as a customer, so there you go.


Control4 has been in the professionally installed home automation system game since 2003, and it is considered one of the best in the business. Having automated systems in hotels, restaurants, and professional offices the world over, rest assured that Control4 can make your home do everything but dance and sing on its own.


Crestron has the answer to your home automation needs. It also works with businesses, schools, and just about any other place that needs automating. Crestron even offers designer-engraved keypads for you to control your home’s goings-on, coupled with customized touchscreens and its own apps for iOS and Android devices.


ELAN loves your home, and it desperately wants to automate every possible thing within it. ELAN’s g! Entertainment and Control System is the real deal, and its dealers can outfit your home to the tee. Boasting partnerships with such companies as Sony, Yamaha, Bryant, Carrier, Bosch, GE, Levitron, Panasonic, and many more, ELAN will hook you up.


If you’re like many folks and just have a “regular” home, you might want to check out the other vendors. You see, right on the company’s website home page, the folks at Vantage state that they specialize in “home automation for luxury spaces.” And then they go on to list such spaces as “stately homes,” “elegant penthouses,” and “dreamy yachts.” So, if you’re lucky enough to fall into one of those three categories, Vantage might be the company you need to contact.


Life|ware is quite serious about keeping the “|” in the middle of its name, and about controlling your home from the inside out. The company has killer products and solutions to offer homeowners, to go along with its own killer home office (click on the About tab at its website to check out its digs). Life|ware touts fully customized solutions, from software to hardware. Or should that be soft|ware and hard|ware?


Savant’s home automation solutions live up to its namesake. It offers elegant solutions to fit bank accounts of various sizes, and it has integrators (not dealers, mind you — “integrators”) all over. From entertainment to security to energy monitoring, Savant is definitely worth checking out.