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Seven Ideas for Decorating for Purim on a Budget

Perhaps you’re short on cash but still want to add a little Purim décor to your home. The best, least expensive, and most functional way to decorate is to use tzedakah boxes. Check out some of these ideas on how to use them:

  • Decorated and stacked high on an entry table, or gathered in an oversized basket placed on a buffet, these gifts to guests become great filler decorations.

  • Besides the cardboard and metal ones that are so common, try getting a few papier mâché boxes at a craft store that can serve the same purpose. They’re so easy to decorate and can match each person’s personality or tastes if you want. Simply slit the top of the box with a craft knife to make a coin slot and then decorate them as you like.

  • Make tzedakah boxes part of table settings for Purim. Small ones open to hold tiny chocolate treasures or yummy after-dinner mints. You can personalize each one with a paint pen, and they double as fun place cards (as well as a passive-aggressive way to hint giving to charity).

  • Give away handmade tzedakah boxes at the end of a festive evening. Line them with wax paper and stack hamantaschen in them. They’ll love the goodies to eat on the way home.

Make sure that you have a decorative bowl to hold lots of change for tips when your deliveries begin arriving! Add a little sweet treat for the delivery person by offering a chocolate coin or two, and you’ll do double duty! Multicolored fruit candy is also a winner and is pretty when placed in a clear glass dish next to a light source.

There are many ways you can quickly decorate for Purim:

  • Normally, you might send out your parcels of food and drink in gift baskets. Why not creatively use them as your décor around the house? You can set stacks of these on ends of buffets, or if you think that it’s safe, you can make a large centerpiece in the center of the table, tucking in festive flowers, groggers (noisemakers), or other party favors in between packages.

  • Twist and tape up crepe paper streamers in festive colors to canopy your ceiling. This task takes only a few minutes and adds instant (and inexpensive) color. Blow up a few balloons and gather and tie them in large bunches. Place them in any corner where you need some color, and don’t expect them to last but a few hours.

  • Decorate a tiered assortment of hamantaschen with paper ribbons. Make paper ribbons in festive colors to tape to the sides of your tiered stands.