How to Make a Christmas Wreath - dummies

How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect Christmas decoration: You can hang wreaths indoors or out, and you can make them on a budget. Make your Christmas wreath from greenery, moss, flowers, faux berries, or dried leaves — all artfully arranged and secured to a foam base.

Visit your local craft store for supplies. They offer just about everything you need to make beautiful wreaths for indoors or out.

Homemade Christmas Wreath

Clear off a large work table, tune into some holiday music, and gather your materials:

Foam base wreath form (Available in a variety of shapes, including squares, hearts, rings, ovals, and stars.)

Primary wreath materials, such as moss, silk flower blooms, berry or floral picks, assorted greenery, dried leaves, ribbon

Floral paddle wire

Floral pins

Wire wreath hanger

Metal floral picks or small wooden picks

Wire cutters


Hot glue/hot glue gun

  1. Lay the foam shape on a flat work surface and insert the wreath hanger at the top back of the shape.

  2. Separate the primary wreath materials into manageable chunks and cut the stems with scissors or wire cutters.

    If you’re using moss, simply separate it by pulling it apart with your hands.

  3. Attach floral picks to the stems of the gathered bunches that need extra support to insert into the foam wreath.

  4. Insert picks, stems, or leaf clusters close together on the wreath form until it is completely full.

  5. Fill in holes with smaller “picked” clusters (floral picks attached to the stems), or use metal “U” shaped floral pins to attach individual small botanical fillers to the wreath.

Check out these additional wreath-making tips:

  • If you make a wreath out of one material that’s nonseasonal, such as bay or magnolia leaves, moss, or ivy, you’ll be able to change the look of it regularly by switching out different colored bows or ribbons that reflect the holiday seasons. You can add and take away picks of seasonal berries, flowers, and themed items to give it a fresh, new look regularly.

  • Making fresh or faux evergreen wreaths is easy. For a large and full evergreen wreath, use long lengths of evergreen garland. Starting at the back of the wreath, secure one end of the garland with a floral pin. Begin wrapping the garland in and around the wreath base, shoving the garland as close together as possible. Use floral picks as necessary on the back of the wreath to prevent the garland from slipping. Wind the garland all the way around and then cut and pin the end to the wreath base.

  • For a different, simple look, wrap a spool of satin ribbon around the wreath base, starting at the back. Use a floral pin with a dab of hot glue to secure the ribbon to the back of the wreath base. Add a small arrangement of flowers and a bow to the bottom of the wreath.