Give Old Christmas Ornaments a New Look - dummies

Give Old Christmas Ornaments a New Look

Paint and embellish old Christmas ornaments to change the whole look of your Christmas tree without investing in all new ones. Liven up old ornaments and give them a fresh new personality with these money-saving tips:

  • Spray paint them with pearlescent paint to give them a unified look. Hang ornaments outdoors on a suspended line to spray paint from all sides. Use light layers and several coats to eliminate drips.

  • Add faux pearls, jewels, and beads by applying small amounts of craft glue in a design or pattern and then dipping the ornaments in tiny beads. Set them on wax paper to dry.

  • Stencil them.

  • Dip them in glitter. Spread an even coat of school glue on the ornament with a sponge brush and dip and roll into glitter. Set them on wax paper to dry.

  • Add swirls or stars in dimensional paint. Using a squeezable tube of dimensional paint, draw free-hand swirls on your ornament. Create whimsical stars and fill them in with the paint. Work on one side and set the ornament in an empty egg carton to dry; come back later and finish the other side.

  • Take the shine off the surface by spraying with a glass frost spray paint, or dip them in an etching bath.

  • Decoupage them.