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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Warrior Diet

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

The idea of feast and famine is one that has been part of humanity since ancient times and one that has been hard-wired into your DNA to have some pretty spectacular benefits.

The advantages of the Warrior Diet

Some of the advantages of the Warrior Diet include the following:

  • You have the ability to eat (although lightly) throughout the day.

  • It boosts metabolism.

  • You have the freedom to overeat and enjoy food without the typical diet guilt.

  • You see an improvement in overall health — from vitality to virility.

  • Your lean muscle mass increases.

  • You return to instinctive and healthy eating patterns.

  • It slows the aging process.

The Warrior Diet is free of extraneous supplements or diet pills, and you don’t have to work through any complicated formulas to figure out what you can or can’t eat.

The disadvantages of the Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is a fasting method that truly embodies the idea of a lifestyle overhaul. For some people, this challenge may be too much at first.

The Warrior Diet may also be challenging because the undereating period that you engage in each day is longer than the fasting time in, say, the micro-fasting method. And though you do eat a very hearty meal while adhering to the Warrior Diet, you only get to eat one meal a day.

You may want to experiment with whether or not adhering to a modified fasting program, such as the Warrior Diet, would actually be more difficult for you than simply cutting out food and calorie-laden drinks altogether. Some people find that eating lightly, rather than completely abstaining, makes the fast harder to get through.