Increasing Your Self-Esteem by Increasing Your Faith - dummies

Increasing Your Self-Esteem by Increasing Your Faith

By S. Renee Smith, Vivian Harte

Faith is what produces the result. Whether you believe in yourself or something greater than yourself, or you just believe, the principle works for whomever chooses to use it. When you create the intended results, your self-esteem increases. Interestingly, when your self-esteem increases, your faith increases. Faith and self-esteem are traveling buddies.

You can assert that you have faith, but your behavior has to back it up. And your life will confirm that fact. If you’re struggling, here are a few pointers to help you:

  • How strong is your faith? Hoping and believing are often used synonymously. We don’t advise this. Hoping has doubt. Believing has possibility. Knowing is claiming completion even before something is completed. You sit in one of the three categories in the various areas of your life. Identifying where you are helps you to see where you need to increase your faith and confidence.

    Use the following matrix as a sample. Notice Lisa’s strengths and weaknesses. Create your own matrix like this one to gauge where you are and what areas need your attention.

    Lisa Hope Believe Know
    Self-confidence X
    Attractiveness X
    Intelligence X
    Capabilities X
    Respect X
    Mental stamina X
    Relationships X
    Physical strength X
    Emotional awareness X
    Education X
    Public perception X
  • What’s nagging you? Is something calling you? A new job, relationship, or business? Is there a reason you’re not responding? What is it?

  • Do you believe you have what you need? Taking on a new challenge is difficult when you don’t know whether you have what you need.

If you continue to lack faith, consider trying the following:

  • Read the scriptures, an autobiography, or another inspirational work.

  • Watch an inspirational movie.

  • Join a positive support group that focuses on self- or spiritual development.

  • Volunteer for an inspiring organization.

  • Write your life story and be inspired by the times that you doubted yourself but moved forward anyway.