How to Do the Pilates Rolling Like a Ball Exercise - dummies

How to Do the Pilates Rolling Like a Ball Exercise

By Ellie Herman

The Rolling Like a Ball exercise in Pilates is a combination of Hip-Up and Balance Point. Requiring both strength and control, Rolling Like a Ball is a fun way to massage your own back, find out how to articulate your spine, and find abdominal control.

1Start sitting up in the same position as Balance Point.

Your legs should be bent and off the floor and your hands holding the front of your knees (one hand on each knee).

2Inhale: Roll back onto your upper back and do a Hip-Up, using your lower Abdominal Scoop to lift the hips.

Squeeze your butt to get an extra lift. Don’t roll too far back onto your neck. If you don’t have a neck problem, you don’t want to get one now.

3Exhale: Returning to your Balance Point, using your Abdominal Scoop as the brake to the rolling.

Don’t allow your back to make a thumping sound, especially on the way back up. Slow down if there is any thumping, and use your abdominals to articulate into your lower back, pressing your lower back into the mat, to make a smooth movement.