Paleo Fitness Pulling Skill Drills - dummies

Paleo Fitness Pulling Skill Drills

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

The pulling skill drills are geared toward helping you achieve your first pull-up. If you already have your first pull-up down, great; you can use the same ideas to progress toward the more difficult pulling variations.

The first pull-up is always the hardest to get, so be sure to set reasonable expectations for yourself. If you’ve never been able to do a full pull-up, then it’s going to take a while — maybe even a couple of months. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see gains right away. But keep practicing, and you’ll get there.

Flexed arm hangs

Flexed arm hangs are static positions — meaning “not moving” — held on a pull-up bar. Have someone, or something, assist you to the top of a pull-up bar and practice holding the top position. When you’re able to hold the top position for a couple of seconds, practice holding as many other positions as possible throughout the pull-up.

[Credit: Photo courtesy of Rebekah Ulmer]
Credit: Photo courtesy of Rebekah Ulmer

Negative pull-ups

Negative or eccentric pull-ups involve working only the downward portion of the pull-up (or chin-up). Have someone, or something, assist you to the top of a pull-up position. Then slowly control yourself all the way down into a dead hang position. The slower you can go, the better.