Intermediate Pull for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm Row - dummies

Intermediate Pull for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm Row

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

The one-arm row, quite simply, is the bodyweight row performed with one arm. Expect many of the same challenges with the one-arm row that you would with the one-arm push-up.

1Set up precisely how you would for a two-arm row (the more narrow your stance, the more difficult this movement will be). Release one arm from the bar or straps, but keep your shoulders and your hips square.

The biggest challenge with this movement is fighting the rotation. Adjust your stance until you find a position where you’ll be challenged but successful.

2Row yourself up with one arm. Your fist should finish in line with your sternum.

The difficulty of this movement also depends on the angle of your body in relation to the floor: More upright = less difficult; more horizontal = more difficult. Keep your shoulder pulled down and back by tensing your “armpit muscles”; don’t allow it to be yanked forward.

3Control yourself back down to the starting position and repeat.

The one-arm row, just like the one-arm push-up, is difficult because it adds in an additional core challenge (rotation stability) and limits the effort to only one arm!