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Getting Results: The Paleo Payoff

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

Following the Paleo fitness program is not easy; successful lifestyle changes seldom come without their trials and tribulations. However, Paleo fitness is grounded in good science, and good science produces predictable and repeatable results — that is, what can happen to one, can happen to all.

With Paleo fitness, you get out of it exactly what you put in. The returns are 1:1, precisely.

Seeing is believing: Visual results

Most people want results and want them now. But nothing worthwhile ever comes fast and easy. The problem here is improperly set expectations. People are promised “fast and easy,” but when they don’t get it, they quit. This isn’t what Paleo fitness is about.

Now to address the most pressing question about any fitness program, the answer is, yes, you absolutely will lose weight with Paleo fitness. And the process won’t be long, tedious, or painful, either. In fact, with the Paleo workouts, six-pack abs are not only easily obtainable but almost inevitable.

This result is merely a consequence of moving you into your ideal body fat range, which for men is between 8 to 12 percent and for women, 16 to 22 percent. (If you’re unsure of your body fat percentage and want to get the most accurate reading, seek out a facility that has a BOD POD body fat measuring device. Otherwise, you can simply hire a trainer who knows how to conduct a 7-point caliper test.)

Then all you have to do is stick to the program.

Paleo fitness helps build your strength, too — not bulky strength but real-world functional strength. In other words, you’ll gain the lean and wiry strength of a cave man, which is a good thing because life is easier when you’re strong.

You may also expect noticeable changes in movement quality. Your everyday flexibility and mobility will improve when you begin to mobilize. Stiffness will turn to suppleness, and you’ll no longer feel as wound up as a spring or as tight as a wheel clamp.

What’s equally exciting is how you’ll feel on the inside. With Paleo fitness, you’ll notice stark differences in sleep quality, energy levels, and mental focus. Expect to beat that sluggish feeling once and for all — without the danger of harmful supplements or unnatural energy boosters.

Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes: Other results

Equally important to looking your best is feeling your best. You’ll be delighted to experience all the benefits of Paleo fitness that extend far beyond the realm of “looking good naked.”

For example, when you incorporate Paleo workouts into your life, you’ll experience fewer illness and ailments. The Paleo diet has come to be known for its marvelous ability to boost immunity — and these effects are only greatly enhanced when you add Paleo fitness into the batter. And if you suffer from allergies, don’t be surprised if they start to alleviate, too. Results such as these are typical.

To give you an idea, here’s a brief list of what you can expect to improve through Paleo fitness:

  • Hunger control

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Improved joint and bone health

  • Alleviated allergies and less sickness

  • Increased energy levels and concentration

  • Enhanced cellular function and physical performance