Energize Life Areas with Color and the Feng Shui Octagon - dummies

Energize Life Areas with Color and the Feng Shui Octagon

By David Daniel Kennedy, Grandmaster Lin Yun

Part of Feng Shui For Dummies Cheat Sheet


A colored object placed within the Life Area (of your space) associated with that color can help energize that space. By placing the Feng Shui Octagon, a tool for mapping the energies of a home or lot, over your lot plan or a floor plan of your home (starting with the first floor and then moving to any additional floors), you can figure out which parts of your home fall in which Life Areas and cure them with an appropriately colored object.

From painting the walls yellow in the Health Area of your home (for better health and physical well-being) to positioning a healthy green plant in the Family Area of your home or lot (to encourage unity and a stronger family bond), Feng Shui encourages the use of color to enhance your life energy. The following table shows you how to apply color to magnify the energy of each Life Area.

Color Home or Lot Area to Place Color Life Area Helped Specifically Improves
Gray Right front Helpful People Assistance from others, travel
Black Center front Career Career success, promotion, better job
Blue Left front Knowledge Learning, spiritual growth
Green Center left Family Family harmony, growth, unity
Purple Back left Wealth Money, prosperity
Red Back center Fame Fame and reputation
Pink Back right Marriage Marriage/relationship with significant other
White Center right Children Children’s safety, growth, and improvement
Yellow Center Health Physical, mental, and emotional health