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Applying Feng Shui Principles to Professional Goals

The lessons of Feng Shui can help you enhance your career in a number of different ways. Although ancient Feng Shui masters didn’t have the same career concerns that you may have, they understood the power of the human mind for shaping lives. Don’t underestimate the power of your own mind!

Feng Shui teaches the power of intention. By being clear about what you intend to do, you make a commitment to yourself to do it. Setting your intentions is about understanding what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to do it.

Getting to your goals

Of course, you can’t become your company’s CEO purely through the power of positive thinking, just as you can’t raise the chi in your workspace merely by thinking about throwing away all that clutter (you actually have to throw away the clutter first).

In order to achieve career success, you need to decide what your goals are, make a plan for meeting them, and use the power of intention to help you achieve them. Remember, you can’t have meaningful intentions without also having goals related to those intentions.

Set your goals high. Keep high expectations for yourself in your career and at work. If you sometimes fail to meet these lofty standards, you’ll still be achieving far beyond the rest of the crowd.

To reach your goals you must devise a plan. This plan consists of the steps to take to achieve your goal. After you have a goal that meets good goal-setting criteria.

Powering up intentions with positive affirmations

When you make an intention in Feng Shui, you say something like, “I am placing this crystal on my desk to enhance the good energy in my Career sector so that my career success will be improved. By doing this, I am making a commitment to succeeding in my career.”

That type of intention is extremely effective But another type of intention is equally as effective — affirmations. An affirmation is simply an intention you want to achieve stated as if you’ve already achieved it. This process of visualizing and believing in your goals helps you to achieve them.

Instead of saying, “I want to lose 30 pounds,” which may be a reasonable intention, an affirmation says, “I am a slender and healthy person,” even if you’re, ahem, a little on the plump side.

The power of affirmations is that the more you tell yourself a message, the more your mind believes it.

So if the message you send to yourself is that you’re slender and healthy, you’re much more likely to act like a slender and healthy person (for example, by eating better and working out more) than if you’re constantly telling yourself, “You’re an overweight, unlovable creature who will never amount to anything.”

Repeat affirmations daily until they’re so firmly a part of your belief system you accept them without question. Often, people post a list of their affirmations where they see them regularly.

As you create and set your work affirmations, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Focus your affirmations at work on work-related topics only: “I am an approachable CEO who listens to all my employees,” or “I am an award-winning customer service representative.”
  • Limit your affirmations to three or four of the most important, most powerful intentions you have. After you achieve them, add new affirmations.
  • Post affirmations on a wall or in a desk drawer where you see them frequently.
  • Briefly reaffirm the affirmations every time you see them.
  • Tell yourself your affirmations every time you arrive at work.
  • Re-think your affirmations, change them as needed, and recommit yourself to them every few months.

To further empower your results, you can write your affirmations on red paper, or place in a frame with a red mat. Writing your affirmations in a bold script will reinforce your commitment to the changes you’re up for in your work and your life. Be creative and add touches such as black lettering outlined in gold.

To emphasize your commitment even more, as you speak your affirmations you might consider looking into a mirror that alerts you to people traffic behind you at your desk. Focus on the words and your intention, not the color of your lipstick.