Make the Most of Pool and Billiards Practice - dummies

Make the Most of Pool and Billiards Practice

By Nicholas Leider

Part of Pool & Billiards For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To become a skilled pool player, you need to practice your game. The following tips help you get the most out of your pool practice sessions.

  • Stay fresh: Take quick breaks every 20 or 30 minutes to avoid brainlessly running through drills.

  • Focus: Distractions are everywhere — TV, friends, adult beverages, and so on — but if you want to get the most from your time, take 30 minutes to really focus.

  • Get warm: Take some time to loosen up. Start by just casually pocketing some balls, concentrating more on feeling comfortable and less on results.

  • Stay objective: Stay on an even keel. Try not to get too confident or too frustrated when you practice.

  • Improvise: Drills help, and exercises are good for you, but don’t be afraid to switch things up. If you want to create different ways to work on specific things, try something new.

  • End on a positive: Make the last shot or last few shots you take. It sounds simple, but ending on a high note will leave you feeling good as you leave the table.