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A pool table is a great addition to the family game room, finished basement, or anywhere you gather. But you have to be a smart shopper when shopping for your own pool table. Having enough space is an absolute must, so here's a chart to help you purchase the right-size table for the available space. Simply find your room size to find out what table size and cue are appropriate.

Table Size (Feet) 48-Inch Cue 52-Inch Cue 58-Inch Cue
7 11'3" x 14'6" 11'11" x 15'2" 12'9" x 16'
8 11'8 x 15'4" 12'4" x 16' 13'2" x 16'10"
8 (oversized) 11'10" x 15'8" 12'6" x 16'4" 13'4" x 17'20"
9 12'2" x 14'4" 12'10" x 17' 13'8" x 17'10"

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