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How Hunger Affects Your Minecraft Character

By Jacob Cordeiro

Hunger is a dangerous long-term obstacle in the game of Minecraft — and you’ll have to overcome this obstacle as efficiently as possible. As depicted by the Hunger bar at the bottom of the screen, you get hungry over time and require food to resolve it.

Eating food restores your character’s health indirectly over time, so keep at least 9 of 10 units on the Hunger bar. Your symptoms of hunger depend on the difficulty level. If it is not at the Peaceful level, your character grows hungrier by taking action: Sprinting (by double-tapping W) is the easiest way to go hungry, but jumping or absorbing damage also taxes your avatar.

You cannot sprint if the Hunger bar has 3 units or fewer.

The consequence of famine (as depicted by an empty Hunger bar) depends on the current difficulty level, as outlined in the following table.

Effects of Famine on Your Character
Difficulty What Happens to the Health Bar
Peaceful The Health bar does not deplete.
Easy Assuming that the Health bar is more than half full, it slowly depletes until it’s half full.
Normal It slowly depletes, but not to the point of death.
Hard It depletes until it’s empty. Find some food — quick!

To refill the Hunger bar, find sustenance, as described next.

Acquiring food

The following table lists some useful foods and explains how to obtain them. If you’re starting a new game, strive for the foods near the top of the table.

Food your character can eat in Minecraft.

A list of food you can eat in Minecraft.

A list of food from Minecraft and what it means for your character.

Eating food

You can eat foodstuffs by selecting food and holding down the right mouse button for a second. Your avatar then finishes eating and part of the Hunger bar is refilled.

In addition to restoring the Hunger bar, eating food prevents it from depleting for a while. When the Hunger bar starts jittering, you’re becoming hungry again, and the meter continues to deplete.

If you don’t want to repeatedly run back to your home to eat, carry road rations with you, such as steak or bread.