Finding Reflux-Friendly Foods on a Mexican Menu - dummies

Finding Reflux-Friendly Foods on a Mexican Menu

By Patricia Raymond, Michelle Beaver

Mexican food isn’t quite as easy as Chinese food, for example, but you still have lots of options. The main problem will be salsa, because it’s tomato based and many styles of salsa also include raw onion, garlic, and spice. So, you may have to skip the salsa all together or have a small amount.

The avocados in guacamole are good for digestion even though they’re high fat. However, guacamole often includes raw onion and garlic. Ask your server for guacamole without onion and garlic — most of the time, the staff will be able to accommodate you. Mexican food often includes rogue raw onions and jalapeños, so ask your server to leave them off anything you order.

Beer and margaritas are tasty with Mexican food, but try to avoid them because alcohol is an acid-reflux no-no.

Follow all these tips, go easy on the meat, keep your portions small or moderate, and you’ll be fine at any Mexican restaurant.